Nuggets of Nonsense – March!

Call this the “I Despair for My Country” edition.

  • At the Young Human Factory, a bright scholar raised his hand and asked a profound question: “Señora, have you ever eaten dog food?” Sadly, he is an honors student and no, he wasn’t being facetious.

  • The presidential primaries in my state were won by Sanders and Trump.
  • During my trip to the grocery story, I had to stop for a mother-daughter duo who decided to cross the parking lot in front of me. I was driving slowly and they had plenty of time to cross – except they suddenly stopped in the driveway and whipped out their phones. And stood there, heedless of vehicles.
  • Proving that smartphones don’t make people smart, later the same evening a phone-clutching pedestrian stepped into the highway  with eyes glued to the screen. The truck ahead of me swerved and I braked. If we’d collided, the police would have given the truck-driver a ticket. (No, the lesson is NOT to hit the pedestrian.)
  •  Mesmerized drivers are worse.  Counting just this past week, I’ve had three near-misses with oncoming drivers coming into my lane on a curve. The last was a man driving a truck, fixated on something in the middle of the dashboard – either his radio or his phone.
  •  Daylight Savings Time began this morning. It’s a bizarre custom in which an hour of sleep is taken away in the spring, only to be restored in the autumn.  According to various sources, it was supposed to save electricity. It hasn’t. I heartily agree with those who wish to abolish this dangerous custom.