Losing power…


This past Saturday, high winds brought down powerlines in the neighbourhood. I was so very glad for the unseasonably warm trend, since the house cooled quickly between the time the power failed and 5 am, when I woke.

Losing power is rather common for La Casa de Tontería. Branches fall on the lines and strong winds topple poles. I expect to be left in the dark once in winter and twice in summer. The last long outage was April 2014.

For that reason, I keep a flashlight charging in the guest room outlet and a solar-charged task light in the bedroom windowsill.  With those lights, I can see to dig out the “no lights” kit: an emergency radio, a crank lantern, batteries,  an alarm clock, a spare flashlight, and an old corded phone.

I keep other emergency items in the kitchen: matches, candles, a butane lighter for the gas stove, and a coffee press.

Yes, the coffee press! There’s nothing like a cup of java to keep things normal. I spent the hours before sunrise drinking coffee and writing. The silence was finally broken at dawn, when the neighbours started running their generators.

I’ve written before about wanting a generator of my own, but I have nowhere to store it. In the meantime, I’ll rely on my current kit.


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    • Thank you, Derrick. It is. The utility company even sent me a survey to ask my opinion of their customer service and promptness. That’s never happened before.

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