Closet shelf fix

Below is how a real man affixes a shelf. Behold! Two solid, even boards affixed to the wall after locating the studs.


This is my father’s handiwork. I asked him to help me after the catastrophic failure in the  guestroom closet. Why, you may ask? Because this is  what Jerkface MacGuyver used to support the shelf:


He took two pieces of leftover molding and dovetailed them to fit together – with no glue, either. As you can see by the comparison to the coins (a Canadian dime is nearest the dovetail detail), this is a thin board. When enough pressure was put on it, it came apart at the dovetail and broke off at one end.

As an added bonus, the cheap %&*!!11!! used four nails – two on each end – and didn’t sink them into the studs.

I apologize for the blurriness of the photos. I borrowed a camera and it doesn’t like close-ups.


2 thoughts on “Closet shelf fix

  1. Thank you for yet another story of Jerkface MacGuyver. I shared it with a planner of my acquaintance, and he’s certain that J.M. has worked under him at least twice. Also, the blurry photos make it appropriately like a clue left at a crime scene.

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