The Book Nook is progressing nicely…

As I mentioned recently, La Casa de Tontería would be much improved by a library – if only there were space.

I decided to create a “book nook” in the smallest room, which previous tenants use as a home office and a nursery respectively. I’d been using it as a “spare room” – the local name for a room full of old furniture and miscellany.  A treadmill dominated it, nearly blocking the window.

A warning to readers: I’m indulging in decorating details.

Stage One: Prep-work

I cleared nearly everything out. Then came dusting, mopping, and scrubbing the rug. As I worked, I considered what to put back.

Most book nooks feature a “reading” chair (if not a bench seat), but I rejected that. The truth is that I nearly always read while curled in the right-hand corner of the livingroom sofá.  The lighting is good there, and it provides a good segue to napping.

What I really needed was a well-lit place to read, take notes, and listen to background music. Also to drink coffee. Yes, I realized I was emulating the experience at my favourite coffee shop!

Stage Two: Lugging

Despite my still-weak Leg of Annoyance, I rearranged the furniture.  I’m not sure how I managed to move the treadmill across the room, let alone tip it and reach down to arrange the rug. Or why I didn’t drop the new shelving onto my face at least once.

With the window clear, the room looked bigger. Even better, I gained full access to the marvelous Sauder bookcase that I’d put together the previous year.  The company describes the top shelf as “gallery display”, but I intend to use it for MORE BOOKS!

Finally I moved a desk** in front of the window.  As a bonus, the air vent is at my feet – perfect on these winter evenings.

Stage Three: Curating

This is ongoing – and fun. Baby Bro recently gave me bookends that depict Atlas holding up the Earth. He wasn’t sure I’d like them – they’re leftover Ford Motor Company promotional items from some event or other. As the French say: Au contraire, mon frère!  I’m using them to keep my current Book Project selections handy, and they look great, too!


**My “desk” is actually an antique vanity sans mirror. I’d bought it the summer after I moved into La Casa de Tontería. It had been used as a display table at an antique dealer, who explained that it had been stored in a shed with a leaky roof – hence the blackened varnish and caved-in knotholes. I used a lot of fatherly advice and gratuitous amounts of wood fill to restore it.

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