Techno-Queens and Analog-Drones

M’e the Fashionista is my go-to for tech reviews. She is not the most tech-savvy person in my circle – that title surely goes to Elder Brother – but she is an “early adopter” and swaps apps the way she changes shoes.

Recently an acquaintance was discussing installing new circuit-breakers and electrical boxes to handle the load. If you guessed it’s a household that loves technology, you get a gold star.

Me, I’m relatively low-tech. Is there such thing as a “dumb phone”? I have one. My printer has wires and no scanner. Although I recently bought a new Yoga laptop, I also upgraded to a $44 stereo which plays CDs and has a remote. My plans and appointments are still written on paper.

I don’t know whether to be ashamed or proud.

The same thing with software and web-based innovations. I created a Twitter account in its first year.  How great to share links, follow interesting people, and keep messages short and sweet! But I stopped tweeting even before my then-boss insisted everyone use it for work.  The reason?  #endlessinanity

That’s probably the reason I don’t jump on the technology bandwagon as fast as my friends. So much is time-wasting rather than time-saving. It’s not just Farming Bird Crush games or Pinterest (aka crack-for-crafters). Updates shouldn’t make apps less user-friendly; e.g. my recent nemesis Zinio.

On the flipside, I treasure DropBox.  Scrivener is the best writing software I’ve had, easily replacing Dramatica.

What about you? Are you high- or low-tech?