Assignment: Pick a book

Pick a book, but not just any book. It has to be a book that I can read on the treadmill, so definitely not philosophy or anything by Gene Wolf. I’ll pause to think about something and roll onto the floor.

Art books are too big and heavy to lug from place to place.  I need a softcover I can read in a waiting room, whether it’s in a hospital or an auto shop.

I haven’t much leisure this week, so a slim volume might be best. Yet if I exile the book from La Casa de Tontería, a more substantial tome would leave more breathing room on the bookshelf.

Yes, it’s part one of The Book Project, aka Read & Remove or Retain. I made an inventory of books I haven’t read in their entirety, and the list is rather long. Although the hockey book looks fun, I’m leaning toward a tell-all about the Iowa Writers’ Workshop.


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