9th Day of Christmas 2015

As a rule, I don’t make resolutions on New Years Eve. This year, I made it earlier or, to be precise, I had the resolution dropped on me like a firecracker:

No more Morning Pages!

I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry. At the end of his book, Mr. Mundis negated every creativity coach I’ve ever read and every writing conference I’ve attended.

“Morning pages” – the three handwritten pages recommended by such creativity coaches as Julia Cameron – are verboten when unblocking a writer. Journaling is out, too.

They are destructive for people coming off block. Some people who have been blocked become nearly addicted to them, which then only contributes further to block by giving them the illusion that they are writing. You are not going to somehow magically segue from journaling or morning pages into actual writing, real writing.

Mundis, Jerrold (2011-09-14). Break Writer’s Block Now!: How to Demolish It Forever and Establish a Productive Working Schedule in One Afternoon (Kindle Locations 858-860). Wolf River Press. Kindle Edition.

The reason I want to laugh is that I gave away several beautiful journals because I realized I’d never fill them. It’s not that I hate jotting down daily events – I have this blog and a physical daybook for that – but that writing longhand is physically painful. I’d planned to buy wide-lined journals from now on, but now there’s no need.

Yet I want to cry because I beat myself up for not having oodles and oodles of journals full of morning pages to mine ideas – the reason that writer’s conferences suggest them. And then there was the emotional baggage they became: I hated re-reading them. So many situations that can never be changed, only forgiven and passed by.

So here I am, second day into 2016, and I’m not writing Morning Pages.