Winter has come…and gone…

We received the first “sticking” snowfall of the year in November. My sister-in-law expressed it well: “It’s beautiful as long as you don’t have to go anywhere.”

I had to tread carefully on the wooden steps, as the snow packed into a slick patty underfoot. I capped the outdoor faucets and checked the winter supplies (de-icer, one bag; bird seed, two bags).

But then, along came a warm front from Mexico, and the last two days have broken records. In fact, I had to run the cold-air defrost to clear my car’s windshield (windscreen to my Anglophile pals). This is delightful, actually, as normally my modus operandi is to hunker down and say farewell to my friends until spring. The past weeks have been busy.

I visited friends. I wandered around La Ciudad de Marineros without gloves and scarf,  greeting people and chatting on the sidewalk without turning red-cheeked and teeth-chattering. Today I had brunch with family in Royal Oak without worrying about sliding cars or curbside snowbanks.

But all good things must come to an end. Winter is coming back for Christmas.