Poetry and prose

With all the turmoil in the world (both great, wide world and small world of family and friends), I find myself reading in the evenings for an hour or so.  Poetry, mostly.

I also have three books to review before Thanksgiving. It’s pro bono work, which sounds altruistic and lofty. Truthfully, it’s more like I stood on an online intersection with a sign saying Will review for books. 

My own writing is going fairly well. I gave chapter 6 to my shepherd yesterday.  “Shepherd” is the term our online group uses for those who critique and encourage. He and other members have pointed out problems, but he’s kept me going.

I’ve heard for years about crap-tastic first drafts, but it’s another thing to be in the middle of shoveling the manure. Someday there will be a garden of words. Not quite yet. I outlined the story during my DIY summer writing retreat, but the actual writing goes this way and that.