Adventures with crutches!

“Adventures” means I managed not to fall down. Today was full of hazards: puddles, wet black top, wet leaves sliding on wet sidewalks, and swinging doors.

Today was a two-crutch day. I was using only one this week, since the knee felt fairly good. Unfortunately, I needed to carry several boxes of work* into the house. I loaded them on a rolling cart to take them out to the car, but I had to navigate steps at home (and with both hands on the box).

So this morning it felt like the bone spur in my knee had impaled my thigh.

I’m looking forward to being fitted for the brace Monday. I’m DOUBLY looking forward to relieving the one-two punch of bone spur and tendonitis. I want to get back on the treadmill – although the doctor said, “No running!”

I await the end of this pain, too. I’ve fallen behind in yard work, housework, and work-work.  Even the writing output dropped from over 1000 words per day to three-hundred. Partly that’s the effect of sleep-inducing medicine.

*Yes, I brought work home with me on the weekend. There’s a dead mouse or something similar in our vent at work. The daft youngsters thought it was my lunch! Honestly, I eat cabbage and garlic in my soup, but never mice.