Dear Sir, please send me a little more time….

…because it’s seems your last shipment came up a little short.

I really could use an extra two hours to round of my schedule. I arrived home a little before ten last night, bearing a bag of goodies that I Iike to call More %&$^&#!! Papers To Grade. Catchy title, right?

The truth is that the Young Humans have (mostly) gotten their work turned in timely manner, so I’ve stayed on track. Each evening I follow an end-of-work routine, then a before-bed routine, and a short morning routine – all designed to ensure maximum efficiency. It worked like a charm; I enjoyed two work-free weekends attending weddings and another just writing in mini-marathons.

It was bliss for a month. But at then end of September, my right knee started giving me so much trouble that I could barely walk. Good-bye, routines! Hello, doctor.I starting burning the 11:30 pm oil to catch up.

The lovely Victoria, writing coach and former instructor for the local writers retreats, came to the Young Human Factory to show us several trade secrets to increase the (coherent) writing output of our fine crew of adolescent scribblers. The tools included a writing tracker, which I decided to use for graphing my own output.

I’ve written 1200 words a day in October!  This carried me into the midnight hour – while still waking at 5 am – but it’s so energizing. Or maybe that’s the coffee coursing through my body.

Then I joined an online writer’s group.  I’ve been acquainted with some of the writers for several years through blogs and forums, but suddenly someone got the terrific idea to start a group .

And just in time for NaWriNoMo, which is an alien word that means “All your word belong to us.”  Or something like that. The aliens use some sort of mind-wiping device so that on December 1st the only way people know if they’ve been NaWriNoMowed is if they wake up with carpal tunnel and reams of paper and empty printer cartridges piled everywhere.

So I could definitely use more time. At least two more hours – per day!


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