How ignorant we are in our enlightenment

A very said story appeared about vegetarian chickens. People who prefer grass-fed beef – I do – mistakenly believe that birds can follow the same diet as bovines.

However, pollos are omnivores. I learned this as a child, when I watched chickens eat a dead mouse (or something of that nature).  Think of them as little dinosaurs, playing the role of T-rex in a world of grasshoppers, worms, and other critters.

I saw free-range chickens this weekend – almost a rite of spring – along the marsh road. One of them looked like a white leghorn, so that’s a good layer. The other had black-and-white bars across them. I think those are Dominiques (I linked this photo because the Harvest of History project is really cool). Not sure if they’re for eggs or food, but they look pretty.

Some of my friends raise them for eggs and fun. They really are amusing and have their own personalities, like Cathy’s hen that has outwitted foxes – and her concerned owner – by roosting overnight in a cedar!