Technology hates me, or how to complicate your life one byte at a time

Somehow I got locked out of my blog and every time I tried to reset the password, it would tell me the new-and-improved password was invalid. Even when I merely pasted it.

Being somewhat busy, I gave up for a while months. Seriously, I had my hands full with local deadlines, observations for my job review, international deadlines, personal relationship snafus, technology problems, and insomnia.

The last challenge was a doozy, as it made me feel like I was in a period drama in which I was a lonely bride forced to face life’s difficulties while my bed was away at war. Or something. Trust me – the metaphor makes a lot more sense when you’re sleep-deprived.

I see no one has posted lurid details of my sordid affairs, so I’m guessing that there was a technical issue rather than a hacker.  Technology is great when it works and horrible when it doesn’t. This has always been the case since that kingdom was lost for the want of the nail.  As my father the philosopher often said of cars, “They’re a necessary evil.”

One can only prepare stoically for the inevitable catastrophe.   That’s why I memorize important phone numbers, write things down on paper, and wear a watch. **

There’s also the problem of technology working too well.  This has been the seed of many a science fiction trope, but I’m sure it’s been a problem since Urg first invented the wheel and his son Argh took it joyriding in the field.

In March I used the app my old director recommended (a professional-grade recording app) to record a student’s oral exam. It made a 700+ KB audio file and a giant headache. I used a free app to make single-track audio for the others, but then my new director tried to upload them and much hilarity ensued until I converted them – and the monster file defied most converters.

Flying cars? Delivery by drone? I just want something that gives me more leisure!

**For those who don’t know me well, “Jean and Her New Watch” is the title of a serial comedy that’s been running for YEARS. From my first watch on my ninth birthday to the newest, they’ve been no match for my klutziness. The latest –  bought for $6 from the Salvation Army – sits on the bureau with a broken strap. I intend to epoxy it and sew it – preferably without gluing it to my fingers or the needle.



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