In training

Now that I’m officially signed up for the 2015 Susan G. Komen Detroit Race for the Cure(R), I am in training.

I have only a vague idea how to train for a 5K; after all, I lettered in the “field” part of “track and field.” So I searched around and found this lovely page – recently updated, no less! So I signed up for the appropriate newsletter for daily do’s.

But that’s not the only training I’m doing now. I’m also changing my schedule to open up more time for half-baked half-finished projects. These include the following:

  • rough draft for the willing victims beta readers
  • nightstand make-over (It’s a doozy.)
  • painting of my grandparents’ farm
  • photo album project (a nightmare)

At first glance, scheduling time doesn’t seem like training. However, it also involves setting goals and building discipline and stamina. (How long will it take to train myself to immediately hit the floor instead of the snooze bar?)

There’s also spiritual training. Lent is coming: “This season of preparation and sanctification can be fittingly accomplished through voluntarily amendment of life, acts of penance, and works of charity.”

What does that look like?

  1. Break the snooze-bar pattern.
  2. No meat except Friday if – and only if – I attend the parish fish fry AKA The Fish Fellowship. I must add that this is a challenge, as St. Catherine’s fish fry tends to sell out.
  3. Say the Angelus? Read John C.H. Wu’s theological works? Whatever I choose, it will carry over past Easter.

Recommended Links

The Science of Love: A Study in the Teachings of Therese of Lisieux by John C.H. Wu. This is the full document.

Don’t Waste Your Lent  by Sam Guzman. This has seven good tips and was my source for the “Lent is Coming” document.

And here’s my 2014 posts about Budgeting as a Lenten Practice and Lenten Fail (in a big way, but I learned a little).


2 thoughts on “In training

    • Thank you, Cathy! The training I picked alternates walking with running. I’m veryglad I have a treadmill to start it. As I build stamina – and the ice melts – I’ll take the training outside.

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