Nuggets of Nonsense

LIfe lesson: Never tell a vegan friend, “I think I’m giving up meat for Lent – except for fish on Fridays.” I think she suffered crushing disappointment after that dash.

A friend whom I shall call Pam ( because that is her name) has told me about Power Greens, a marketing ploy to get people to eat more spinach, kale, and chard. It’s hip. Or hep. Or possibly hippo. (I can’t keep up.)

I already eat spinach a few times a week, but kale is a decoration for the plate. It’s like tinsel. Who eats tinsel?

M’e the Fashionista reminded me about the Detroit Race for the Cure on May 16th. Perhaps because I missed early registration. I’ll go, but there had better be a cure at the finish line.

We need a team name. I gave five suggestions. I like the alliteration of The Auspicious Amblers and The Twinkle Toes, but The Tenacious Perambulators is my favorite.

My friend Sis has noticed that unlike other drivers, Michigan drivers are car-proud. They can drive hot rods or Plain Janes, but they tell you how great it is.

On a related note, when your service guy tells you the parts are back-ordered on the same day you hear a radio news report about how your make/model is selling like hot cakes, prepare yourself for a long wait.

Luckily my car is still drivable, so I picked it up today. Although the loaner was the same make and year, mine is better the best.

I don’t think any teacher ever screamed, “NOOOO! School is cancelled tomorrow! Now my brilliant plans are foiled!” I’d like to be the first, now that I’ve changed lesson plans twice.

I would like a dog, but the hours at the Young Human Factory don’t allow for proper attention and care. I’ve never been particularly inclined to bring a cat into La Casa de Tontería (The Castle Nonsensical to anachronistic medievalists). However, this morning I walked outside and saw the most adorable black squirrel and immediately wanted to pet it. Its eyes gleamed in the sunlight like ebony beads and the dusting of snow on its face only increased its… adorableness? Adorableosity?

Seeing me, the squirrel sensibly ran away.