Giving away my secrets: Rice Salad

Due to popular demand – and overdue to post something – I’m sharing the rice salad that’s my usual contribution to family parties. It’s not original; I was trying to recreate the “hunter’s salad” offered by my grocer’s deli.

  1. Brown rice & wild rice blend (Rice Select royal blend fits the bill) – Just make sure you wash the rice before cooking!
  2. Green onions/scallions, cut to pieces
  3. Celery, cut to pieces and use the leaves if they’re fresh.
  4. Walnuts, chopped not milled  (I prefer black walnuts for their strong taste)
  5. Dried cherries ( I used dried cranberries in imitation of the deli version, but we had great cherries this year – and the difference was fantastic!)
  6. Newman’s Own walnut-and-whatever dressing (The version I used originally was discontinued, so I get the next best thing.)

Please note there are no measurements. I start by cooking two cups of rice, then I eyeball everything else. I use a footed glass bowl/compote so I just add layers until it looks pretty.

I will warn you: Do NOT use the whole bottle of dressing. Try half, stir, and let it stand before taste-testing. It’s better to add in increments than drown the flavors.

Please let me know how it worked for you.


2 thoughts on “Giving away my secrets: Rice Salad

    • Any grocery store. The blend I mentioned is a bit expensive: $6-7 for a container. That’s why sometimes I use brown rice and mix in red rice and a box of wild rice myself. Meijers carries another blend by Lundberg that’s more economical, under $4.

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