Another contender for Patron Saint of Jerks

I don’t know this Mr. McAfee, but I like the cut of his jib. Nowadays it’s easy to have jerkitude, but recognizing it and repenting of it are tough.

He quotes a mentor: “A social justice principle is that we should use only as much force as necessary. If we use too much force, we lose our status as defender and end up as the aggressor. (…) Every giant has an obligation to be gentle.”

You can check out more at the link above. More on my aspiration to be the future Patron Saint of Jerks here.

3 thoughts on “Another contender for Patron Saint of Jerks

  1. I want to say “thank you” for your great compliment on this post. “Patron saint of jerks” had me wrong as first but after exploring bit, I see. Thanks!

    • You’re welcome! I admit it I first got the idea that there’s going to be a Patron Saint of Jerks because the world is full of opportunities to be jerks to each other: on the Internet, in traffic, waiting in line, etc.

      Also years ago I read something Mother Angelica said about St. Jerome having an awful temper to the point that when he lost it on someone, he’d hit himself with a rock as punishment. She said, “I’d be dead as a doornail, with no ribs, if I did that.” Not only did that crack me up, but I realized that a lot of saints were repentant jerks!

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