Another curveball thrown at me…

Last week we met the new Big Boss, a charismatic fellow who believes in turnarounds and improving our organization from within. It’s a good thing he is so positive, because then he presented the bad news: We’re financially strapped.

It’s worse than previous Big Boss (aka Interim Big Boss) revealed last year. We agreed to two unpaid days and we’re readying ourselves for consolidation of departments, but there may be lay-offs in the future.

“Future” means this coming spring.

As you can imagine, my Big To-Do list has shifted. I’ve already put a down payment on the kitchen remodel – a move I no longer second-guess after a section of cabinet fell today – but after that, there’s a moratorium on projects.

As the Abuelita put it, “It won’t do you any good to fix up the house if you can’t afford to live in it.