Three small delights

1) I managed to re-string my hoodie using my mother’s technique with drawstring track uniforms: a small knitting needle to drag it through. (To my tsk-ing friends: Yes, I own a hoodie. To my hoodie-wearing friends: Yes, just one. My sister-in-law bought it for me a few years ago.)

2) There was a party at work. The leftovers were taken home by various parties and I picked up the leftover leftovers: full jugs of punch. You know what that means? Punch icecubes! In other words, the building-blocks of summer drinks.

3) I got some sleep last night. Yes, I woke up two or three times (that I remember), but I managed to get enough sleep that  I felt fantastic for most of the day. And I’m sleepy now, but a busy-day sleepy, not the brain-fogging, discombobulating exhaustion of the last month.