The end is near… yay!

The online class is ending this week. I am still a few hours behind everyone else, but I’m getting ready to pack up the laptop and leave for a cup of coffee, a quiet booth, and a late lunch while finishing up the next-to-last module.

My colleagues were surprised that I continued the class. Honestly, the first 5/8 of the class wasn’t bad despite technical (and electrical) problems. I managed to keep the deadlines I set for myself.

The sixth module became a nightmare of multiple apps, alternate approaches, etc. I finally finished it yesterday. I’m glad I started the last two modules while waiting for resolutions of the problems, or I wouldn’t have a chance of finishing the class by Wednesday.


One thought on “The end is near… yay!

  1. Addendum: Oh, %*%*$&*#!! I had to write a 600-word reflection on what I’d learned, followed by a presentation – which I haven’t finished, due to how slow it is to upload and convert my videos = and beyond that appears to be another essay. I hope it’s a short one (250 words would be a nice change of pace).

    Honestly, the idea that this class takes about 80 hours is a sham. I’m going to get ready for bed because my eyes are tearing and my head hurts from staring at screens for so many hours. Tomorrow morning I’ll get up and put a few hours in before work.

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