What a sorry excuse for running late…

“I had to save the earthworms.”

On Tuesday night heavy rain came down, so when I went outside to get an early start to work, there were twigs everywhere on the driveway – some as long as my hand, some smaller than my pinkie.  I couldn’t imagine where they’d come from, since they were all straight and had no branching…

When I realized they were earthworms, I was amazed. So many of them!

Honestly, I thought of going into the house to get a camera (my phone doesn’t have a good close-up feature). Then I thought, Who would want to see this?

I got a broom from the shed and swept them aside – they most obligingly curled up to they rolled away.  Unfortunately I missed about three and squished them under the tires. Poor creatures.

I thought it strange that no robins came down for the feast, but the weirdest thing was that there was no sign of them in the road or on either of my neighbors’ driveways.  I wonder if it’s because I don’t use chemicals on the garden or front lawn.

It seemed like I dug up more worms than usual when I planted the rhubarb last weekend.  I’m a little leery of attracting their unpleasant predators, skunks, huge centipedes, and slugs. However, if extra earthworms means better aeration and natural fertilizer, then thank God for it!

Recommended Reading

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