Oh, the irony…

After my last post crowing about the recent technological advances in The House of Nonsense, a storm blew in.  It was a system that tore a swath of destruction across several states and provinces. The worst struck here Saturday, shortly after I arrived home from two days of celebration (a college graduation and meeting a new sobrino).

First came the wind, then thunder, and finally buckets of hail that slammed against the chimney and the deck. It was so loud that I didn’t hear the crashing trees not far down the road.

Then the electricity went out.

For three days.

Mind you, I’ve gotten used to losing power a few times a year.

I was happy that it was restored just as a new weather pattern brought a chill and snow. Fifty-eight degrees Fahrenheit is the usual setting of my thermostat during the day, so walking into a forty-degree house was terrible.

Now, of course, I am considering a back-up generator or kerosene heater for emergencies.

In the meantime, I put “bags of ice” on my To Do list. My freezer was relatively empty, so by the second day the entire contents were thawed out and by the third they were spoiled. Filling the freezer with ice should maintain the chill in the event of another outage.