“Why didn’t you answer?”

So said the teenager (who shall remain nameless) who sent me an e-mail after seven at night. She and her classmates were supposed to meet me after school today, but decided last night that before school worked better for them.

I got her e-mail 12 hours later, when I had Wi-Fi at work.  I admit being annoyed by her presumption that I should rearrange my schedule todo them a favour. However, I chalked it up to teenaged thoughtlessness.

Then I met with them later in the day and ka-pow!

“Why didn’t you answer?” she asked. “Don’t you have your iPad?” (Note: It’s my employer’s iPad, as I’ve explained before; but since she considers her school-issued iPad her iPad, she doesn’t understand the distinction!)

“When I leave work, I turn off the technology.”

Big. Blank. Stare.

I can’t help laughing, thinking about it now.  Turning it off when the battery is low – that makes sense. But voluntarily turning it off? No freakin’ way!

I know that I rather miss using the Internet at home. Surfing news stories, reading blogs, watching videos: it was so relaxing and brainless.








2 thoughts on ““Why didn’t you answer?”

  1. I know that stare! sometimes I feel bad that my kids will never know what it’s like to not feel like you’re missing out on something important if without electronics on you at all times. They keep one ear plugged into their ipods to listen to music even when they’re with friends.

    • SarahPlain&Tall, that’s a good point. Unplugging is tougher when you’ve never had the experience of not having a cellphone, a music-player, etc. It seems too quiet. Thanks for stopping by!

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