Cascade failure: La Casa de Tontería-style

Without the Internet, I found myself working on the home-office. This has been an off-and-on project since last summer, when I first realized that my workload was following me home. The original idea was to move the papers and electronics from the dining table into a separate room. Then I could close the door and walk away without feeling an unpleasant nagging.

It’s horrible to be nagged by things.

Between invasions of Familiar Madcappers** aka nieces and godchildren, I managed to paint the room and do a temporary fix for the light fixture. (The original fixture was another of Jerkface MacGuyver’s amazing jobs, featuring ungrounded wires and bulbs with wattage so high they melted the cups.)

I also turned the closet into an organized storage area for office supplies and tools, using items I had around  house and shed. One item – a cheap bookcase used for storing binders and boxes of files – began to crack and buckle dangerously.

I was running errands last weekend, so I took my measuring tape to nearby charity shops and clearance centers. While walking toward a small bookcase, I found a large barrister bookcase for a song. You can imagine my delight when I measured it and discovered it would fit nicely in the closet.

I painted the closet to match the rest of the office.  Then I spread out the parts and very carefully put together the shelves. And then… I got a sinking sensation as I realized I forgot to measure angles for inserting the fully-constructed bookcase into the shallow closet. I heaved it upright and hopefully maneuvered it to slide into the opening.  No go. Even removing the doors, I couldn’t quite get it to fit.

However, there was a nearly-empty wall on one side of the office. I just needed to move a small bookcase and the rug.

So the small bookcase went into the guestroom, which means the tall dresser needs to go somewhere. The guestroom closet? But first, I needed to move the Christmas tree into another closet.

Do you see where this is going? Musical chairs bookcases.

Then came the unexpected twist: lighting failure!

So yesterday was all about jerry-rigged lighting, rearranged furnishings, and piles of books on the living room floor. That means tonight will be a mixture of paperwork (on the dining table, naturally) and moving various items to their proper homes.

Did I mention that my friend rescheduled her house-cleaning services to this coming week?

And yet, I’m delighted by the happy accidents. The new bookcase is the perfect height and depth for using as a laptop station. Now I can stand while working on the computer, which is my preference.

By moving the small bookcase into the guest room, I now have a place to put a clock and other items for guests to use.

Shuffling items brought to light several things to box up and donate: another step on the road to simplifying.

And the temporary light? I found a fixture much nicer (and less expensive!) than the one I’d been eyeing for several months. It should arrive this week, sometime after my friend cleans house for me.

**Madcappers = tweens and teenagers with 1) interesting ideas, 2) an odd sense of humour, and/or 3) well-meaning destructive tendencies