The Internet Fast

I had toyed with the idea of cutting the Internet usage for Lent, but rejected it immediately. Although I don’t access it via phone, I spend hours online every day between work and an online class.  During my free time, I’m a news junkie and a frequent checker of e-mail and Facebook. 

In fact, I had arranged to get an upgrade to my wireless access on Monday.

Then came Monday and everything went wrong. Someone was supposed to cover for me so that I could focus on a project in the morning, but somehow no one was scheduled. So there I was, working all day and attempting to get something done on the project until the evening.

I immediately rescheduled the technician’s appointment. No problem!

Then my cellphone blew up. People who tried calling my house got nothing but endless ringing.

When I got home, I discovered my landline and Internet were gone. (Note: Just the service. Not the bill. Convenient, no?) A call to customer service assured me that everything would be fine within two hours.

It’s Friday morning.

In five days I’ve become painfully aware how I love the Internet and how it devours my time. Without it, I’ve read two books, spring-cleaned a bedroom, wrote a chapter of novel, and gotten more shut-eye; but best of all, I started a program on contemplation that I’ve been putting off because “I don’t have time.”

Well played, Lord.

So even if this issue is resolved before April, I will be using only essential Internet services, like those at my job. 

Normally I write several blog posts and pre-date their publish times. (Hence the posts kept coming this week.) I’ll keep writing, but upload sporatically aka when I find myself in a “hotspot” of restaurant or library. So expect fewer posts, but (I hope) more meaningful ones.


2 thoughts on “The Internet Fast

  1. My! If you did that much in five days, think of how much you could accomplish in a month! On the hand, if I were to disconnect, I would end the day curled in a corner, weeping like an orphaned child.

    Ah, correction: Liz said I would end the hour curled in said corner. I cannot argue; she knows!

    • Freddy, I’m sorry but I laughed heartily at the thought of you weeping in a corner, clinging to your charging station and crying for your phone. Does that make me a jerk? Why yes, yes it does. 🙂

      Supposedly Internet etc will be reconnected tomorrow. First thing I will do is do double-time on the online class!

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