It Pays to Cook for One

There’s an old saying, “It doesn’t pay to cook for two.” I heard it a lot from retirees (aka pensioners) who ate out often, particularly since they’d take enough leftovers home for another meal each.

But this week my budget shows cooking for myself is a better use of resources.

This week, work had me in a rush, so I opted to buy my meals. The grand total for four days of bagels (with more Neufachatel cheese than I cared to eat) , coffee, and cafeteria lunch? Almost $30.

Yesterday I bought five bags of groceries. I have 5 lbs. of rice, more than 40 servings of vegetables(both fresh and frozen), and various proteins.  Even if I indulge in a second helping now and then, I count on three weeks of meals.

In fact, I probably have more with the udon noodles, dried beans, and canned goods in the pantry. It’ll be interesting to see how it goes, in light of my Lenten intention. (More on that tomorrow.)


2 thoughts on “It Pays to Cook for One

  1. You and your rice! I think you should share the story of your rice-eating days at university. As I recall, you scrimped on food so you could spend on fashion.

    • I did! I even did it before reading your comment! You know, it’s strange that now I care more for cooking than I do for fashion. At some point, I got tired of pinched feet and drycleaning bills (not to mention ironing all that linen in the summer!)

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