Word of the YEAR: demasiado

“Demasiado” means “too” as in “excessively.” Just this past week I was able use this word in the following phrases:

  • ¡Demasiado papeleo! Too much paperwork! From license plate registration to the various bits and pieces of evidence I must gather for taxes, it’s everywhere.
  • ¡Demasiadas cosas!  Too much stuff!  Right now my home looks like a burglar emptied all the closets while looking for valuables (then angrily trashed the house because he couldn’t find any). I could fake order and serenity by shoving everything into closets and under beds, but this year I’m making it real.
  • Demasiada dependencia. Too much dependence.  I don’t mean depending on family and friends.  I mean that too much of my life depends on the plans (and whims) of others. My entire schedule this week has been dictated by bosses and bureaucrats – even my “personal” time.