How a TV simplified my life

As promised, I’m explaining why I kept my TV while simplifying my life:

1) It’s my gym.

I used to belong to a female-only gym in Metro Detroit. Then I moved to the edge of the known world.  I eventually joined a similar gym. However, it kept “moving” as first the nearby location closed, then the one in the next-town-over shut its doors. That moved my membership to a town over 17 miles away, and I was not going to join the nearby 24-hour meat market fitness center.

Shortly thereafter, my work schedule changed to conflict with my tai chi classes. My instructor suggested I keep up on my form by using a particular DVD. I was skeptical. My only experience with taped exercises were old VHS tapes passed on by friends; in other words, old and boring. Then I met a charming (and fit) couple who told me how a small collection of DVDs would combat my tendency to slack off during harsh winter days. I ended up picking up a few, tried them out, and discovered they were fun (and my tai chi instructor was right about the DVD.)

So now my “gym” is outside except for inclement weather.

2) It satisfies my cable cravings – for free.

When I had cable, I justified the cost because I could get CNN and all the local news. Then the costs went up and I waved good-bye to my favorite channel: HGTV. To this day, my family knows that if I spend a few days with them, I will inevitably sneak off to the “spare” TV in order to bask in the glow of DIY projects and room make-overs.

When I’m home and have a spare moment (or am too exhausted to continue tearing down wallpaper), I turn on the TV and antennae to pick up the digital channels Create TV and the Live Well Network. They feature crafts, interior design, cooking, and health programs. My current faves are Create’s “b organic with Michele Beschen” and  LWN’s “Knock It Off!” which always includes upcycling projects.

Watching successful renovations and garden-designing always gives me hope that someday I’ll win the battle with this House of Nonsense.

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