A touch of spring

The temperature soared above freezing today, the first time in seemingly ages. The sky was clear, the sun bright, and everyone seemed to be out and about.

I had planned a day of errand-running and shopping, since I have the day off (more on that later). However, I spent the morning walking errands, quite comfortable with only a coat and gloves instead of the scarf, hat, and hood.

Then I drove to Port Huron with my shopping list. From the health food store to the bookstore, every place was packed with people taking a well-earned respite from cabin fever.

In the meantime, my poor sobrinos in North Carolina and BFF in Tennessee are experiencing yet another winter storm. My nephew sent everyone a photo of the nearly-empty shelves at his local grocer. He explained that all the milk was gone, there were only two loaves of bread left (white bread, which he doesn’t eat), and the manager was just about to close in advance of the storm.

My nephew tried and failed to explain the Southern delicacy “milk sandwich.” Luckily frugalista and NC native Denise Davis explained at her blog GoCheapOrGoHome!