Shh! The machines will hear you!

My friend Katie has a saying that her father used, “Your car sits at the dinner table.” Meaning: When you’re on a budget, your automobile is right there, taking the food from your mouth.

My friend M’e the Fashionista has a saying: “Don’t let the car hear!” Although always on the latest fashion (and foodie) trend, M’e and her husband would rather have older models of cars than pounce on the latest model.  She’s noticed that when they’ve gone on vacations, done remodeling and other big-money expenditures, car troubles soon hit their pocket book. The car wants its cut of the pie. (Which would also make a great saying!)

Well, let’s add kitchen appliances to that superstition.  I’m still stripping wallpaper and picking colours, but I’ve also started putting money aside for the kitchen renovation.

The stove found out and is dying of jealousy.

Frankly, it’s a dramatic death. Last week it sped up time; that is to say, the digital clock started advancing faster and faster. At first I thought the power had failed during the night, so I re-set it and went to work. When I came home, it was wrong again. The minutes changed as I watched: a minute about every 30 seconds.

After I reset the fuse, the clock went black and the oven no longer worked.  The electrical starters still function (for now), so my love affair with morning coffee continues.

As for cooking, I (re)discovered that microwaves aren’t much good. Toaster oven to the rescue! – and the woman at the charity shop kindly threw in a like-new pizza pan made especially for toaster ovens.

Jealous, stove?