I need time to plan my time!

I’m only a few weeks into an online class and already it’s as time-consuming as I’d feared. Each module (aka a unit of study) includes a time estimate for completion. As advertisers say, “Individual results may vary – whoa, howdy!”

The Introduction takes an estimated 5 hours. My time: 7.5

On the first real unit, I copied my answers from a course I took two years ago and posted it anew. I went over the estimate by only an hour. (No, I’m not happy that two years later, a new class with new instructors features the same questions in the same order.)

This week’s Module is a laugh: Time Management. I’m actually over an hour under the estimate this time, and I think I’ll be done a few days early. I plan my time fairly carefully because I have so many deadlines.

I enjoy my job, but sometimes Work is like a clever little monster that slooowly devours one’s hobbies and social relationships, so slowly that you scarcely notice what he’s swallowed until you spend time away from him. Then you see how empty your life is without him.


So I planned this coming week, sketching out the necessities and filling the gaps with things I want to do. With the snow squalls discouraging trips between friends and the agéd parents traveling in warmer climes, I have a little more free time (and yes, I’d trade free time for socializing!).  So it looks like Ye Olde Wallpaper is set to come down this coming week.