I have a scruple…

Or a SCREWPULL as the case may be. Mine is very simple and works nicely on both wine bottles and the bottom-heavy bottles of cerise (a sort of cherry cordial) that one of my brothers buys for me on special occasions.


My family takes their wine seriously (some of my vast relations are, or work for, vintners). However, they’ve shown me that all the fancy gadgets like electric pulls and super-suction pumps aren’t that much better than this. In fact, I have broken two rather fancy corkscrews with my inhuman strength (or sheer klutziness!)

Julie at Happy Catholic* has a tip for opening wine bottles without a corkscrew.

I joked that for emergencies, “I prefer to open it by slamming it against the table, pouring it from the broken bottle, and then growling, “Gonna cut you!” at the other guests. Bonus if it’s a wedding reception.”