How to discourage moochers…

Try this SIMPLE three-step process!  Get AMAZING results!**

  1. Have an empty wallet.
  2. Look in your nearly empty pantry and grab a half-empty package and a can.
  3. See if there’s anything in the fridge that you can add!

It’s just that EASY!

But don’t take my word on it. Check out this ACTUAL conversation that took place when REAL acquaintances dropped by the TRUE House of Nonsense to pick up a surplus snow shovel.

  • Moocher: Mmm. What’s for dinner?
  • Me: Salmon soup.
  • Moocher: (Looks horrified.)
  • Me: Want some?
  • Moocher: No, thanks. I’m not hungry

**Actual results may vary. Creation of supper is no guarantee of edibility. (But in this case, it was delicious! And some left over for tomorrow!)