Yes, I have television

One of my friends saw my most recent post and asked, “Hey, do you want a TV?”  No, thanks. I already have two.

Not long after I moved into this House of Nonsense (not to be confused with This House of Brede), I decided to update the guest room which was originally a child’s room – complete with crayon on the wall. Dad painted, Mom and I applied a tasteful wallpaper for the wainscoting, and then we moved the furniture back in.

Did I mention I’m a klutz? Well, I am. And in the House of Nonsense (aka La Casa de Tontería), I achieve optimum klutziness.

The TV stand was solid and heavy – so heavy we had to use “sliders” underneath.  When we pushed/dragged it across the floor, a leg caught on the carpet. Then the side broke off and created a cascade failure (in other words, much hilarity ensued). I couldn’t figure out where to put the heavy TV, so I made a gift of it to my parents, whose own ancient set had blown a tube. (Yes, a TV with a tube.)

So I decided to get a new TV. Instead, I bought a Blue-ray player that came with a free 19-inch flat-screen TV.  (Yes, it was cheaper than buying just a TV.) Now I tote them from room-to-room; e.g. in the bedroom when the godchildren want to watch a movie but us gr’ups want to talk.

I also have a larger flat-screen, bought after I broke the antennae connector on the small TV.  (Strangely enough, it cost less for the bigger TV – how does that happen?) I refurbished a cheap Kmart TV stand and mounted the TV directly it.   With the window antennae, I receive Detroit stations clearly and sometimes the CBC from Windsor.

How often do I watch TV? In the last three months, I’ve averaged 4 hours a week. In the summer months, that drops to minutes – unless my godchildren invade, in which case we will have Bedtime Theatre (like Masterpiece Theatre, only ever so much sillier).

But what about simplifying your life? you might wonder.

Having a TV did simplify my life. But that’s a post for another day.