When wallpaper attacks…

It’s taken almost a week for my fingers to feel normal enough to blog. I’ve been removing wallpaper. I tried scoring it, using special environment-friendly remover, and sponging it, but nothing works as well as slapping wet towels on it, holding it a while, and then using my fingernails to pull it off.


The problem is that the original owner/builder – whom I shall dub “Jerkface McGuyver” – had a penchant for taking shortcuts. In this case, he decided wallpaper doesn’t need primer.  He applied the paper directly on the drywall, then hung the cabinets and nailed the trim over it. More on the lovely condition when I moved in here.

Suffice to say that I understood the protagonist of the The Yellow Wallpaper.  But rather than crawl around on all fours and go mad, I saved up my pennies. A few years ago, I stripped the paper around the sink and stove, then hired a friend’s husband to put up a tile backsplash.

But the wallpaper in the rest of the room is stubborn. After a week, I’m now done with 1/4 of one wall. The short wall.  The job is so tedious (and painful!) that it may take me until February to get it all done.