Wardrobe Malfunction…. Does Not Compute…

Someone recommended Project 333 as a great way to achieve a simple working wardrobe.  The  Getting Started page  offers an excellent way to develop a new mindset: Choose 33 items to create a 3-month wardrobe capsule.

For fashionistas and shopaholics, this is a way to pare down clutter without deprivation. The 33 items include coats, shoes, and other accessories.  It doesn’t include the following:

  • underwear
  • sleep wear
  • in-home lounge wear
  • workout clothing worn while actually exercising!

However, I laughed because I’d need to buy more clothes to achieve 33.

My own journey to wardrobe simplicity was accidental.  In anticipation of returning to the workforce, I tried on my professional wardrobe and discovered almost everything was too big.  I had 3 summer-weight dresses (including two hand-me-downs from my fashionista friend M’e), a faded pair of trousers, a skirt I’d altered,  and T-shirts tailored just enough to pass as blouses.

With a maximum budget of $450, I purchased a new wardrobe, including a winter coat.  Shopping was a cross between a scavenger hunt and an endurance race.  It led me from charity shops to rummage sales to clearance sales in outlet stores.

The experience soured me on window-shopping. By the end, I didn’t want to even look at another rack of clothes, let alone try them on!

But the long-term results?  I wear everything in my closet weekly, with the exception of light cardigans and heavier sweaters (needed especially today).

If you have clothes-clutter or have difficulty figuring out what to wear to work every day, I highly recommend Project 333.


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