Simply exercising

As I type this, my muscles ache, particularly my left bicep. This new work-out routine, which I’ve been doing for a few days now, is no doubt building my strength. Best of all, it starts the moment I step outside!

Yes, I’m doing the Winter Wonderland Workout, aka shoveling snow.

Yesterday I shoveled twice* – first in the afternoon and again before bed. It took about an hour each time to clear the deck, the porch, the drive, and part of the road. This morning, I was at it again – over 90 minutes of squatting, lifting, and pushing weight.

From the looks of it, I’ll be doing another work-out this afternoon.

I always found it sad that when I had gym memberships, many of the people I got to know didn’t clean their own houses or do their own yard work. I counted myself among them, living in a small apartment and letting Maintenance handle even small jobs.  And there we were, paying for the opportunity to work out for hours every week.

That’s not to say that I scoff at gyms.  I appreciated stationary bikes and treadmills when I lived in places where riding a bike or walking was rather dangerous.  But there’s a greater feeling of satisfaction from having accomplished a task with one’s own strength or having felt the weather while walking outdoors.

*Ironically, my snow blower wasn’t much use in blustery weather and cramped space between houses. I couldn’t adjust the chute to clear the tall banks on each side. So it was shovel-work both days (plus a bit of sweeping).