The Training Course of Doom!

I’ve been posting daily, but vacation is over. Starting tomorrow I’ll be posting every other day.  I’m committed to a training course that requires 10 hours a week for 10 weeks.

Co-workers have warned me that it’s difficult in part because it’s hard to fit extra work into an already-busy week.  They also said that the “10 hours” tends grow as the course continues.  Having taken courses with the same trainer, I suspect she recommends optional material.  

In addition, there’s the evil heart of all classes with a web-based component:  forums. It requires participants not only to post their work, but to write 2-3 responses to other posts.  Knowing my colleagues, they spent a great deal of time crafting great replies to other participants.

It’s daunting, but I consider it an opportunity to use my time-tracking system. Plus, I refuse to take the summer session.  After last year’s 4-week fiasco  – a perfect storm of technology problems and wretched 3rd-party customer service – I’d rather be pulling weeds and exterminating wasps’ nests.

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