Yesterday’s adventure…

After the departure of the guests, I spent January 1st divided between tidying and watching the Winter Classic (a real treat, as the Detroit Redwings and the Toronto Maple Leafs are my favorite teams). It was evening when I realized that my workbag was missing.  Was it at Mom and Dad’s?
My father – who’s quite used to driving through blizzards – arranged a noon drop-off in a city half-way between us.  I anticipated an early-morning drive through lake-effect snow. Instead, I got the Epic Story of My Dad. 
 A blizzard descended, the junction to the highway was detoured, then my route was blocked…as was any means of escape. Dad arranged a new drop-off closer to where I was stuck in traffic, a tanker carrying hydrogen sulfide exploded, a bladder nearly exploded, there was a pregnant woman… a rendevous… and coffee… and the hand-off of the coveted backpack.
 And when I tried to thank him, all he said was “That’s what Dads are for.” Cut. Roll credits. (Dad was played by shaved-head Chuck Norris AND Jason Statham, sometimes simultaneously because Awesome.)