What a difference a day…erm, YEAR makes!

Last year, I was cold and tired both physically and emotionally. Although I’d climbed out of squalor and celebrated new milestones in my career, I couldn’t see how to move forward for 2013.

I had no New Year’s resolutions because I had no resolve.

A few weeks later, I felt nauseated and hurried to the bathroom. I woke up on the threshold, my face on the tile and my feet in the hallway.  Routine tests revealed low blood pressure – and hypothyroidism. My doctor speculated that I’d been symptoms for years but my then-doctor hadn’t followed through.

Receiving treatment was like waking up after years of sleepwalking.

This year, I have a lot of ideas about things to do, places to go, and all that. Looking forward VERY much to seeing my friends today and enjoying a discussion of our hopes for 2014!