Not quite “The 12 Days of Christmas” but it’ll do!

With company coming tomorrow, I decided to clean house. It’s usually a short process since La Casa de Tontería is a small house. (In fact, the most time-consuming task is cleaning the light fixtures since they must be completely dry before re-assembly.) However, old habits returned and I started looking around with a jaundiced eye.

“Do I really use this?”

“This was a gift from a friend… who has terrible taste.”

“I use this, but I could just as easily use that.”

“This was a gift from a tasteful friend who has visited me once since I moved to ‘the edge of civilization,’ as she calls it. She’ll never know I purged it.”

Soon I was  pulling things off bookshelves and out of cupboards, which was like pulling things out of Mary Poppins‘ bag because they seemed bottomless.  I filled a box, then one bag after another.  I surprised myself  by filling the hatchback and the passenger seats with donations and recycling.  I’ll spare you the singing and rhyming, but the following are highlights:

  • Twelve volumes of a manga (read and left here by the godchildren)
  • Eleven (minimum) holiday decorations, ranging from Halloween to Christmas
  • Ten (at least ) kitchen items
  • Nine (or more) recyclable deli containers and jars
  • Eight (I counted) old magazines
  • Seven cookbooks
  • Six dead batteries – replaced and recycled
  • Five containers of old herbs and spices
  • Four decorative things
  • Three loaf pans
  • Two baking sheets
  • And a large Crockpot slowcooker!
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